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Founder and Executive Director


Dr. Weiss  was a 20 year practicing cardiologist who decided to take a turn and join a think tank/research group called Artis Research, three years ago. In his medical career, Dr. Weiss became an expert in diagnostic (lab) markers involving inflammation via the central nervous system (lecturing on it at Cleveland Heart), when he realized that there was an application to his work in PTSD, and potentially radicalization.  With the Artis team, Dr. Weiss launched a research study on Syrian refugees and Israeli's and Gaza's (Palestinians) , looking at the very first predictive lab markers for radicalization. The research was simply break-through, and was presented to world-leaders in the field at the CRIC (College for the Resolution of Intractable Conflict) School of Oxford University.  Dr. Weiss has now spun Peace Possible™ out of Artis Research to focus on advancing refugee care, as well as applying the research in the field to diagnose, prevent, treat, and reverse radicalization. 
Dr. Weiss  authored the book,  The Weiss Method,  a natural way to reduce risk of heart attacks and reverse heart disease.
Dr. Weiss graduated from Western Illinois University (1987), went to graduate school at Grand Canyon University(1991-3) , graduated medical school from SCNM in 1997 and Harvard University's Kennedy School with a graduate degree in Leadership and Public Policy in 2020.  

Dr. Weiss launched field clinics in Ukraine and Poland as the war broke out, and is continuing his efforts to get critical supplies to the war as needed.  

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