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With the growth of Peace Possible™ (and your donations) we have decided to partner with the Great Need once again to deploy this time to the Dominican Republic. While most aid in the region goes to the highly publicized troubles in Haiti, the Dominican Republic is left underserved and vulnerable. The pictures you see are of children who live, hunt for food, and believe it or not play in the garbage dumps. Peace Possible (with the Great Need) is airlifting in emergency food, water, and medical supplies at the end of the month. Watch Facebook and Instagram for updates! 


Does a peaceful surrounding stave off radicalization? How about opportunity and hope? The first ever neurochemistry study was performed comparing the Syrian refugees with an extremely difficult life in a crowded, abusive, refugee camp, versus a life of opportunity in Sweden. The results where so compelling, that they where presented to leadership at Oxford University. A more detailed review is coming soon to our news section.



Africa may be the biggest area of concern for radicalization. Extreme poverty despite huge economic resources, many orphans and homelessness are adding to the religious tension that is already supporting extremist group development, and even genocide, in many places. Peace Possible™ recently launched the first research study on neurochemistry and radicalization in African history earlier in 2018. The results are coming soon. By the way, this little girl made a complete recovery from her sinus infection and dehydration.


Israel and Palestine

Peace Possible™ generated the first data on central nervous system stress of a civilian population during wartime, in 2014's Operation Protective Edge. What we have learned has been turned over to the Palestinian and Israeli governments and follow up is expected. When available this data will be posted in summary in our news section, watch for alerts on Facebook. A follow up study is being proposed by many people in the region, but its tricky ground. 


A fragmented country loaded with orphans and unemployment creates human weapons. Research in the area has demonstrated extreme decreases in brain neurotransmitters such as serotonin, GABA, and norepinephrine. Non-pharma antibiotics combined with specific therapeutic amino acids are brand new models of medicine offering a new opportunity to recover and flourish, instead of adding another generation of hopelessness which may turn to violence as a means of expressing its frustration. Peace Possible ™ is in the process of securing a special visa to operate a medical clinic based on these new discoveries.

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